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Buyers Agency Schultz Realty

What Is The Schultz Realty
“Maximum Effect Service Package” Buyer Agent Process?

We know that searching for a property can be an incredibly time consuming process. It can take months of searching online, going to inspection after inspection, spending precious weekends at open homes and loads of time researching house values in the area to make sure the price you offer is the best value for you.

SCHULTZ REALTY will work tirelessly to research all industry databases, including our own, we will seek out For Sale by Owners, door knock and contact agents within the areas you want for advanced knowledge on homes before they hit the market.

SCHULTZ REALTY will find the home that meets your requirements.

Once the range of properties is narrowed down, SCHULTZ REALTY will use our extensive property and price knowledge and complete an assessment of the over-all quality of the property and its anticipated market value, to make sure you get the deal that’s the best for you.

SCHULTZ REALTY will then share with you the properties found and invite you to come along to view these select few homes. In this process, we can pick you up and take you to them or meet you there, depending on what is most convenient for you.

If you are interstate we can send you the links and talk you through the homes and the data we have found and why we feel they will be a good fit for your requirements. Then go to the properties and inspect them on your behalf.

Then when you have chosen the property you want, we will negotiate the deal with the Sales Agents listing the property. SCHULTZ REALTY will act completely on your behalf to secure the best possible price and conditions for you.

Our expertise and experience will save you, time, stress and that uncertainty of negotiating directly with Sales Agents and will protect you from paying too much on your purchase.

SCHULTZ REALTY can even bid on your behalf in an auction situation should that be the choice of sale of the property you would like to buy. Should you wish us to attend an auction on your behalf an additional fee of $750 will be payable prior to the Auction day regardless of the outcome.

With the deal finalised and Contract signed, we then move onto the next phase whereby SCHULTZ REALTY will manage and assist you through the conditional phases of your Contract. We can assist with recommendations and introductions to building and pest companies, solicitors, brokers and banks. Along with helping with any questions you may have regarding stamp duty and costs of buying. We will also help you arrange a pre settlement inspection on the property and be sure to assist in every step of the process.

SCHULTZ REALTY will be there to help and answer any question you may have.

Buyers Agency Schultz Realty

What Cost Is Involved In
Partnering With Schultz Realty?

All of our services and fees are negotiable; however, our fee has a minimum initial amount of $1,000 including GST non-refundable amount payable immediately upon signing an exclusive 90 day period to cover the costs of researching, inspections & basic investigation.

Once a property is found and negotiations have been made, the contract then go’s unconditional, an additional amount of $4400 including GST will be payable upon settlement of this property or can be paid by installment leading up to the settlement.

Please refer to our agreement for more information regarding costs.

There is no charge for you to come and sit with me to discuss your needs and it’s completely obligation free.

We can also use this meeting to fully assess your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about our service. If you are interstate we can arrange a skype or telephone call whichever you prefer.

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